Agricultural Fuel

Agricultural Fuel

Fuelling UK farms

Supplying the agricultural market is how Johnston Oils started out. Now, almost 60 years on, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the seasonal demands and wide ranging needs of the farming community.

Our service has grown over these years and is now complimented by AdBlue®, lubricants and fuel additive supply to the agricultural sector throughout Scotland and Northern England.

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We know the importance of timely scheduled fuel and lubricant deliveries to keep your farm running smoothly throughout the year especially during your busy periods.  Over 3000 agricultural businesses rely on Johnston Oils with our next day service and even same day deliveries when you need us most.


It’s all about service

Price is important and your account manager will always give you a competitive price, however reliability is held in higher regard by many of our customers.

This is why we have built up so many strong partnerships with our commercial customers over the past 50+ years as they know they can rely on us to be there when they need us most.


Fixed price deals

Fuel price volatility is something that many commercial customers wish to avoid.

That’s why we offer fixed price deals over 3, 6 or 12 months.

These deals give you more security over your fuel costs at a time when prices could be rising.


Top-up service

Our top-up service is all about regular deliveries, making sure that you always have oil when you need it.

We’ll agree with you the amount of oil you’re likely to use over one year and set up a monthly payment plan to cover it.

Then we’ll top up your supply at agreed intervals, and you can always request an extra delivery if your usage increases.

Do you need Agricultural Lubricants?

Whether you know what you need or require assistance - let our experts help.