Heating Oil

Cold Weather Priority

Prioritising customers who are most vulnerable to cold conditions

The Cold Weather Priority scheme will help us prioritise fuel deliveries to those people that may be susceptible to colder conditions, ensuring they have the fuel they need to stay safe during the winter months.

At Johnston Oils, we are always looking at ways to improve and tailor our service to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.  That’s why we’ve introduced our Cold Weather Priority initiative (CWP) which is designed to identify and prioritise customers that are most vulnerable to inclement weather.

The CWP is completely free to join, so if you or someone in your household is interested in joining the initiative, please call the team on 01506 538 538 or sign up here:

Please encourage those that would benefit from this initiative to sign up.

Hassle free fuel management?

The Magnus smart monitor gives you complete control over your home heating oil. No more uncertainty surrounding the tank level or having to go outside in the middle of winter to dip your tank. The automatic reordering also means you will never run low.