Payments are based on your annual delivered amount of oil spread equally over 12 months by direct debit. We will agree your monthly payment value and which date in the month suits you best for the payment. Direct debits are reviewed every three months to ensure you do not end up paying too much or too little over the year.

Quantity Per YearAmount Per Month
500 – 1000 Ltrs£75 per month
1001 – 1500 Ltrs£110 per month
1501 – 2000 Ltrs£145 per month
2001 – 2500 Ltrs£180 per month
2501 – 3000 Ltrs£215 per month
3000+Call us 

Fuel Usage Calculator Tool

If you’re not entirely sure about how much oil you use each year then you can use our Fuel Usage Calculator Tool.