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Lubricants and other additives keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently, and help reduce emissions from engines. Choosing the right lubricants can help you prolong the useful life of your machinery or engine.


Passenger cars | Light duty vehicles | Trucks | Commercial heavy duty vehicles | Tier 1 and components suppliers

With a full portfolio of lubricants for the most diverse range of applications, Johnston Oils, in association with our partners, are a leading lubricant partner to the automotive industry.



Farms | Forest industry | Wood working | OEM | Tier 1 and components supplier

Our lubricant partners, have been active in the agricultural lubricant market for more than 60 years, both as an OEM for machine manufacturers and in the field of workshop services. Our innovative lubricants secure maximum operational reliability of all agricultural units – from engines and transmissions, right through to hydraulics in all machines and vehicles.


OEM | Precast concrete | Mold release | Construction companies

Whether lubricants for vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, engine, gear, or hydraulic oils for various fields of application in the construction industry – we can provide the suitable lubricant from one single source. A wide range of concrete and asphalt release agents is also available for structural and civil engineering, precast plants and road construction.

Our Supplier Partnership

FUCHS is a global Group that has developed, produced and sold lubricants and related specialities for more than 85 years for all areas of application and sectors.

Exol is the largest independent lubricants company in the UK, manufacturing and supplying a range of lubricants to industry, agriculture, transport, automotive and garage sectors.

Through our partnerships, we supply a wide range of lubricants including:

AdBlue; Aerosol-based oils and greases; Antifreeze; Biodegradable oils; Compressor oils; Cutting fluids; Diesel additives; Engine oils; Hydraulic fluids — including fire resistant; Greases; Mould release oils; Slideway oils; Transmission oils; Turbine oils; Wire rope lubricants.

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